We All Come To A Point In Our Life Where We Try To Find A Way To Earn Money Online. And When You Search On Google, You Get Thousands Of Ways To Earn Money Online, But All Of Them Are Either Complicated Or Fraudulent.

Today I’ve Come Up With A Website Through Which You Can Earn Money Without Getting Into Any Complicated Process. The Amount You Earn Is Not Big, But If You’re A Student, Then You Can Earn Your Pocket Money Through The Share Us Website. And This Review Is Based On My Personal Experience.

What Is The shareus Website?

shareus Is A Brand New Website Where You Can Earn Money By Shortening And Sharing URL. It Works The Same As Any Other URL Shortening Website Like Bitly,

But The Only Difference Is On Share Us, You Earn Every Time You Shorten Your URL And Share It With Your Friends Or Family.

What Is URL Shortening?

URL Shortening Is A Technique Where You Replace A Long URL With A Short URL, And The Short URL Redirects To The Long URL.

Suppose There’s A URL Https://www.example.com/example/exmaple-slug?145335$sdf65. This Is A Long URL; URL Can Be Even Longer Than This One. Now, If You Want To Make It Shorter, You Can Use The Shar Us, And It Will Become Shareus.In/?i=6gs7cx Both URL Will Work The Same, But The Second One Will Be Easy To Share.

How Does ShareUs Work?

Now When You Have Understood What URL Shortening Is, It’s Important To Understand How Share Us Works. And By Understanding How It Functions, You’ll Understand How You’ll Make Money Out Of It.

When You Shorten The URL, Share Us Use A Redirection Technique And Redirect The URL To Its Original Page. And During The Redirection Process, Share Us Takes 5-10 Seconds,

Shows Up Some Ads, And Finally Redirects To The Original Page. And Through That Ad, Share The Us Makes Money And Shares A Part Of The Revenue With You.

Friends, On Joining From Here, You Will Also Have High CPM Rate And Extra Income, Definitely Try This URL Shortener Once, Thank You.

Features Of ShareUS:

  • Daily Payment:

The Main Concern You May Have Is Whether I Will Have To Wait For The Whole Month To Get The Payment. The Answer Is No. You Won’t Have To Wait For A Whole Month To Get Your Payment. The Payment Cycle Is One Day, Which Means You Can Withdraw Your Earnings Daily.

  • 5 Rupee Minimum Payment:

Many Websites Offer The Same Or Other Works Where The Minimum Amount You Can Withdraw Is 5 Dollars (350 Rupee) Or 10 Dollars (700 Rupees). It Means If You Earn 4 Dollars, Then You Won’t Be Able To Withdraw Your Earnings.

5 Rupee Minimum Payment

But Share Us Allows You To Withdraw Your Money As Minimum As 5 Rupees. So You Won’t Have To Wait For A Big Threshold Amount.

  • Referral System:

There’s Not The Only Way To Earn Money With Share Us. Share Us Offers A Referral System Which Means If You Invite Your Friend To Use ShareUs! You’ll Earn 20% Of Your Friends’ Total Earnings For A Lifetime.

  • Highest CPM Rate:

Share Us Shares 80% Of Its Total Revenue With Its Publishers. It Means If You Share A URL That Got 10,000 Clicks And ShareUs Earns 2,000 Rupees From Your Share, Then You Will Get 800 Rupees, And That’s The Highest In The Market.

Highest CPM Rate:
  • Customer Support:

It’s Natural And Obvious To Get Stuck During The Process. Or, Due To Some Technical Fault, If Your Payment Is Delayed, Then You Can Contact The Customer Support Of Share Us.
ShareUs Customer Support Team Is Available 24×7 To Solve Your Problems.

  • 100% Clean Dashboard:

Share Us Offers You A Super Clean Dashboard For Both Publishers And Advertisers. Everything Is Just In Place, And The User Interface Is Damn Beautiful. You Must Check It Out; I’m Sure You’ll Love It.

  • 100% Payout

shareus pays you 100% and at the same time you can also take payment in UPI and paytm and shareus.io has become more trusted and popular than before, they have a lot of users who earn daily, you also start earning today Do

Share Us Review - And Best Trusted Short URL Earn Money!

Final Conclusion:

Share Us Is An Indian URL Shortener And The Best Alternative To A Bit Like Foreign URL Shortener Websites.

Bitly Doesn’t Give You A Chance To Make Money With Them, While Share Us Gives You An Opportunity To Make Some Pocket Money. You Can Get Your Payment Through UPI, So You Won’t Have To Share Your Bank Details With Anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  1. Hamne bhi 5 hazar payment nikal chuke hai bhai trusted platform hain earning ke liye thanks share us.io

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